Sunday, 22 April 2007

New (simple?) project: Pro Loco Maser

I always say that I'm too busy to accept new projects, and this is because I try to use my free time for developing project that may either money rewarding or at least useful for the community.

Since in the past I realized a manifestation website called today I accepted to realized a new website for the non-profit organization "Pro Loco Maser", so that in the future they could manage all of their local manifestations.

So few minutes ago I registered the domain domain for 42€ (tax included) throught the, not because I think their are the best, but just because I found it easier to manage all of my Italian domains from a single place. In micro-economics they called it vendor lock-in and it is something you (as a client) should always avoid. Oh well, at least I am able to recognize it, I really don't have enough time to look for better service providers.

Few anticipations: I'll probably use Joomla as CMS, and the contents will be similar to (another no-profit organization nearby).

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