Friday, 25 September 2009

iPhone voice dialing improvements

Dear Apple Support, I can think of two ways of doing voice dialing: first one is when I'm in a rush and I don't want to spend time going through my contacts, second one while I am driving and I can use the iPhone only as a hand free device (holding the home button is reasonable, however).

The problem is that in the first case I don't like the iphone playing back the name to call through loudspeakers: I'm holding the iphone next to my ear, so it should use the earspeaker. Otherwise what happen is that if I whisper the name to call, the iPhone will play it back too loud.

In the second case I'm not looking at the iphone, so i'd like to have the whole call through loudspeakers, without having to touch the icon "speakers". My concern is just with voice dialing, if I initiate the call by going through the contacts I don't mind pressing the "spekers" icon.

Did I make myself clear enough? Any response is very well appreciated.


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