Monday, 21 May 2007

PAD, almost a positive cash flow

This weekend I've been at the sea side at Bibione and I did not have Internet access. This means that all the traffic on PAD was genuine (it wasn't generated by me).

It's very rewarding the fact than on Sunday I raised 3.85$ from Google Adsense, while spending 4.05€ (1€=1.3$) on Google Adwords. This is amazing because I never suspected I could do advertising on Google almost for free.

The same day, the most money payed to Google Adwords was for the campaign with a lot of keywords (126 clicks at about 0.03€ each = 3.69€), while the campaign with only pizza as keyword was far less expensive (5 clicks at about 0.07€ = 0.36€).
Strange enough the first campaign generated clicks mostly through the Google and its search network, while the second only from the network of contents.

What happened is that Google Adwords now wants 0.30€ for the pizza keyword. At this price I can't afford it anymore, it's really too much.

The good side of the story is that on this keyword there is a lot of competition and this is why I got 3.85$ with only 20 clicks on the Adsense Links (about 0.19$ each).

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