Tuesday, 15 May 2007

PAD, advertising campaign

To get some more traffic for the website www.pizza-a-domicilio.it today I started a campaign on Google Adwords for the all the combination of the keywords pizza, pizze, pizzeria, pizzerie, domicilio, a domicilio, asporto, d'asporto. Since hungry people may want something different from pizza, I also chose the keyword cinese (chinese).
I set the geographic area equal to Italy, the language to Italian and the maximum cpc at 0.03€.

Here's the complete list:
cinese a domicilio
cinese d'asporto
pizza a domicilio
pizza asporto
pizza d'asporto
pizza domicilio
pizze a domicilio
pizze asporto
pizze d'asporto
pizze domicilio
pizzeria a domicilio
pizzeria asporto
pizzeria d'asporto
pizzeria domicilio
pizzerie a domicilio
pizzerie asporto
pizzerie d'asporto
pizzerie domicilio

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