Sunday, 16 September 2007

New bet: to weight less than Davide

Lately Davide has been making fun of me because he eats like a pig and still weights less than I do. He is also so stubborn that he doesn't want to take a blood test, so these are the terms of the bet: "he'll take a blood test as soon as I will weight less than he does".

So the plan is simple: strict diet and a lot more of physical activity. With strict diet I don't mean I will not eat anything, that is very stupid. Instead I will choose carefully each food I'll eat during the day, avoiding to take any carbohydrate after lunch (1.30 pm) till the day after.
This isn't easy because it means i can't take any sugar in the coffee, drink a cola or having even a fruit. Pizza, pasta and bread are then prohibited at supper, so I could only have vegetables, meet or fish.
The explanation is that by keeping a very low sugar level in the blood, the body will start burning some of the lipids that have been with me for a long time. By not taking any carbohydrate after lunch it means that I will be burning lipids all night long.

So, let's being. Starting weight: 77 kg, one month target: 73 kg

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